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One of the top 3 "Arabian Delights" in the country

A decadently decked-out restaurant that serves a good-value line-up of Arabian mezze and North African cousous and tagines.


Sunday Times Review

Free live entertainment belly dancing every Friday At 8 pm

Private party booking available

Azouma in Arabic is invitation and its all about the warm atmosphere friendly and welcoming feeling to all guests.The restaurant is situated in church street St, just out side the city walls of canterbury 4 to 5 minutes walking from the cathedral. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes from all Arabia with specialty of Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines. The Lebanese cuisines is tasty and balanced cuisine which is affected by the cuisines of surrounding countries and regions; such as Turkey, Syria, Greece and Mediterranean cuisineswhere the Mediterranean diet was proven to be one of the healthiest dishes in the world, the Lebanese cuisines successes in combining health and pleasure .
A Moroccan cuisine is a very diverse cuisine because of the influence of different civilizations and cultures that were in Morocco. A Moroccan cuisine is a mix of Arabian, Mediterranean and North African influences. It is considered as one of the most important cuisines in the Mediterranean cuisines, for the reason that it consist a unique balance of spices and herbs which gives you a rich flavour and real experience of Morocco. )

Our offers

Student Buffet Offer!

Students can get all you can eat buffet for just £6.95 (Mon-Fri) and £8.95 (Sat + Sun)


Monday to Friday £7.95 and Sat and Sun £9.95

Children under 10 eat half price

* 10% service charge applies


Every day excluding Fri after 6pm and Sat all day.


Discount from the main course - every day except friday after 6pm and Sat all day.

Shisha available at £7.50 *

Smoking outside the terrace only.

*All offers please ask staff for more details at the beginning of your meal

Home Delivery & Takeaway

Azouma now provides both takeaway and home delivery as well as out side catering services! 

We offer an outside catering service tailored to meet your individual requirements to suit all budgets and occasions.
All dishes on our in-house menu are available.

Either pop in to the restaurant or simply ring us with your order - to collect or have delivered to your door.

Opening times

12 noon - 3 p.m. and 5 pm - 11 p.m.

12 noon -12 midnight

12 noon - 10 pm